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Testosterone is hormone that is important for both men and women.

In women it plays a part in sexual drive, energy, and physical strength.

In men it plays a more major role. It stimulates the beginning of sexual development. It also helps maintain health throughout his life.

The hormone helps with:

- Bone and muscle mass

- Fat storage

- Production of red blood cells

- Sexual and physical health

Men’s testosterone levels drop naturally as they age. Symptoms of reduced testosterone levels include:

- Erectile dysfunction

- Increased body fat & loss of muscle strength

- Loss of hair

- Fatigue

- Depression

Natural herbs and supplements may help your body make testosterone. Some may help to raise your testosterone levels.

Some of the ingredients in these supplements have been used for thousands of years. They have been used in Chinese, Indian and Ayurvedic medicines among others. They have been used to increase libido, treat infertility and improve erectile dysfunction.

These supplements are often marketed as being able to increase muscle mass. They may help you help you recover faster after exercise. They could help build bigger, stronger muscles.

The market for these products is extensive. With so much choice where do you begin?

We will look at what is in these supplements and how that may help you get better with age!