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One of the latest trends seems to be Superfoods. They seem to be adding new ones to the list all time. They drop in and out of favor to be replaced by something new.

But what are they and how do they benefit us?

These are mainly plant based foods, but there are some fish and dairy. They are thought to be high in nutrients and include:

- Berries

- Kiwi Fruit

- Nuts and seeds

- Beans and Whole Grains

- Kale and broccoli

- Beets

- Salmon, sardines, mackerel and other oily fish

- Some exotic fruits like rambutan, dragon fruit, acai berry and noni fruit

- Fat free milk and yoghurt

You might not always be able to source these items. You might not even like the taste of some of them.

There are now many supplements available that contain some of these superfoods. They may contain several of these ingredients. They may contain just one or two in concentrated levels.

They claim to provide many health benefits. These may improve your heart health and your immune system. They may help your digestive system and help you lose weight..

We examine what they offer and try to back it up with scientific trials. We also look at whether they are cost effective.