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Stretch Marks

Got some stretch marks on your body? You are not on your own. Even the rich and famous get them. Model Chrissie Teigan posted a photo on Instagram showing her stretch marks on her inner thighs. Kim Kardashian posted on Snapchat when she had her stretch marks removed.

Stretch marks, known in medical terms as, “striae”, initially appear as pink, red or reddish brown lines on the skin. When they first appear they may be raised. The appearance can vary dependent on your skin tone. They fade over time to form white or silvery lines or grooves indented in the skin.

The main cause is in women during or after pregnancy There are other causes including:

- Sudden weight gain or weight loss.

- Rapid growth during adolescence or puberty.

- Genetics, if your mother has stretch marks the chances are you will get them as well.

- Certain diseases including Marfan syndrome and Anorexia Nervosa.

- Certain medications like corticosteroids.

The middle layer of our skin provides an elastic support for the structure of the skin. If this layer is stretched a lot it can tear and stretch marks appear.

We look at what products may reduce their appearance. This may make you feel less conscious about exposing your bikini body.