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Snoring Treatment

There is nothing more annoying when you trying to get to sleep than hearing someone snoring. It’s not always possible to go to bed first to try and get to sleep before that freight train starts up. And when it does it may wake you both up!

Do you realise that maybe more than half of American adults snore!

The physiological cause of snoring is due to vibrations in your airway. You may have relaxed tissues in your upper respiratory tract. These which vibrate when you breathe. The result is the sound that we call snoring.

Snoring may be exacerbated if you are overweight. Drinking alcohol close to bedtime and sleeping on your back also may make it worse.

You may be at that stage where you consider moving into the spare room. Or worse case scenario out of the front door. What is available that may help.

There are many products available to try and prevent snoring. They include nasal sprays, nasal devices and nasal strips. There are pills and pillows! They all aim to make breathing easier.

We look at some of these aids and try and find out whether they are likely to work. You may get that quiet nights sleep you always dreamed of.