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Hair Health

We all have bad hair days! But what do we do when our crowning glory is permanently on a bad hair day.

Much of how our hair appears is down to genetics. Some are born with thick luscious locks, some are not so fortunate. Some have straight hair and others lovely curls.

Our lifestyle and diet also contributes to the health of our hair. Styling tools and products don’t always do us any favors.

Whatever your hair type, as it is always on show, we all want to make the most of what we have.

It may be that your hair has lost its luster. It may be thinning. You may be noticing the first signs of going gray. So is there any way we can repair the effects of aging or lifestyle?

There are supplements available for many different hair complaints.

There are those that promise to thicken thinning hair. There are those that may add shine. There are even those that claim to slow down the graying process.

Whatever the problem may be we look at the products. We see what they contain and whether it will be of benefit to restore your hair to its optimum health.