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Digestive Health

How can having a healthy digestive system affect our body? You may be surprised at the answer!

Healthy digestion may lead to improved mental and oral health. It may promote a healthy immune system, and possibly healthier skin.

How does this happen? Most supplements for digestive health contain probiotics among other ingredients.

Probiotics are what we call “good bacteria”. They help to support healthy body systems. This starts from your mouth to your gut and on into the intestines. They help control harmful microorganisms like germs and “bad bacteria”. At the right levels, probiotics aid digestion and improve nutrient absorption.

Probiotics may help with:

- Irritable Bowel Syndrome

- High cholesterol

- Nutrient absorption

- Diarrhea

- Constipation

- Lactose intolerance

- Weight gain

If you suffer from any of these then easing their symptoms may improve your quality of life.

Different supplements contain different strains of probiotics in different amounts. We try to differentiate between them. We look at how they may benefit you. We also look at how much of each ingredient is in a product and whether it may be effective.

Pricing can also be very varied. Many of these these supplements also come on an autoship programme. We will highlight the benefits and pitfalls for you.